Head of Committee: B.Badamtsetseg

Email: [email protected]

Committee secretary: B.Uranbileg

Members: D.Sainjargal, U.Galmandakh, Kh.Tungalagmaa, Ts.Lkhagvadulam, Ch.Unurjargal, S.Bayarkhuu, Z.Oyunchimeg, G.Khishigzul, B.Zolzaya, B.Bat-Amgalan, G.Gantulga, B.Davaajargal, D.Bayartsetseg, B.Davaakhuu, S.Norjinsuren, G.Bayalag, R.Gantumur, D.Chimgee /All instructors of the association is considered as part of the committee./


As one of the main organizational body of MACTC, Management Committee on Training and Research is responsible for designing course curriculums, facilitating professional trainings and tests to certify tax consultants, extending the certification, improving the education of taxpayers and forming a group professional instructors.

Management Committee on Training and Research is formed in accordance with the MACTC bylaws and has the following responsibilities:

  • Develop a training policy in order to ensure the implementation of the provisions of Chapter 4 of the Law on Certified Tax Consulting Service
  • Propose a plan and implementation techniques to improve the profession excellence of certified tax consultants
  • Identify research specializations, topics and introduce a plan to connect researchers
  • Develop a plan to expand trainings and improve their efficiency
  • Develop a plan to form a group of professional instructors
  • Develop a plan to prepare a course guide manual
  • Develop a plan and directive on organizing a conference, meeting and contest

The committee has been working actively to implement the tax laws and regulations in Mongolia, reassure record keeping by taxpayers in accordance with the general accounting standards, improve the education of taxpayer, educate non-professionals on the basic understandings of taxation, prepare professional tax consultants that provide reliable professional assistance to taxpayers and facilitate research on taxation. In addition, we have been contributing to the society by providing both short and long-term special trainings upon request, cooperating with academic institutions that specialize in tax and accounting and organizing professional contests among students and academics.