Head of Committee: S.Bayarkhuu

Email: [email protected]

Committee Secretary: E.Taivansaikhan

Members: B.Khishigdavaa, G.Chuluuntsetseg, M.Enkhsuren, O.Ganzorig, M.Mishigdorj, G.Gerelt-Od, D.Bayartsetseg

The committee’s main operations include: keeping the records of our members, introducing and implement the professional ethics code and settling ethics related issues.

We encourage all our certified tax consultants, member organization to actively engage in our activities.

The committee activities

Keep records of member profiles, membership fees; monitor the implementation of the professional ethics code; update the professional ethics code; analyze a case of violating of the ethics code and provide an opinion for a settlement; organize public/social events among the members. 

 We would like to express our sincere appreciation to our members, supporters and other partner organizations for their support and cooperation.