Head of Committee: Regzedmaa KHISHIGNEMEKH

Committee Secretary: Tsogtbaatar KHAJIDMAA /[email protected]/

Member: E.Sainsanaa, D.Otgonsuren, D.Altanzul, Ts.Ishbaljirmaa, B.Anar, B.Buzmaa, A.Battulga, T.Ganbagana, R.Munkhjargal

The committee is formed in accordance with the MACTC bylaws and has 7 members.

Management Committee on Tax Consulting (MCTC) is responsible for providing management support to MACTC in running its operations that are stated in the Mongolian law on Certified Tax Consulting Service. The Committees main activities include:

  • Implement the provisions of Chapter 3 and 4 of the Law on Certified Tax Consulting Service, and monitor the implementation
  • Seek to provide the conditions for tax advisers to protect their rights
  • Provide the best possible conditions to execute the best certified tax consulting service
  • Improve the laws and regulations on tax and as well as reporting procedures
  • Control the license certificate and personal pin (or stamp) use.

Moreover, the committee will be open to any suggestions and cooperation on the following tasks:

  • Draft a policy or model, identify a means of implementation
  • Draft and implement a program, directive
  • Promote the professional tax consulting service, monitor and evaluate the implementation
  • Educate the public about tax laws and regulation, advertise tax laws
  • Organize a public event.