“BEPS Mongolia-2017” International Conference
(Restore confidence in the international tax system by closing the gap and ensuring the fairness in the system through BEPS measures. Research and study applicable BEPS action plans and implement in the legal and national systems.)
Purpose: As Mongolia has increasingly dealt with multinational corporations, it has become a vitally important issue for the country to study, research and define effective measures that will close the gaps in the legal system and thus will stop BEPS and ensure fair taxation.  The purpose of this conference is to set start for Mongolian professionals to study and research BEPS project and its 15 actions plans in a comprehensive manner and produce proposals and recommendations for implementing BEPS plans.
Organizers: Mongolian Association of Certified Tax Consultants, School of Business of the National University of Mongolia
Co-organizers: EY Mongolia, PwC Mongolia, KPMG Mongolia, Deloitte Onch Mongolia.
Supporting organizations: Ministry of Finance, General Tax Authority
Participants: Universities, institutions, professional organizations, representatives of the state agents, international and domestic finance, tax professionals, researchers, scholars, and representatives of  tax, audit, and other financial, professional organizations.
Key topics: BEPS and its 15 action plans, and implementation issues—international and Mongolia’s tax policies, accounting, audit, financial analysis and asset evaluation procedures and environment.
Conference date: Thursday, March 30, 2017
Conference venue: School of Business, National University of Mongolia. Ulaanbaatar.  
Participation role:
  • Participate by presenting the selected topic
  • Participate with an article to publish
  • Participate as attendant
 Deadline for presentation report and articles:
  • Progress reports are required and due dates are: January 20, February 15, 2017 Phone: 976+76118989, E-mail:info@cpta.mn, batsuuri@cpta.mn
  • Abstract for presentation report and articles to send on or before February 20, 2017.
  • Completed version of the presentation report and the articles to send before 5pm March 15, 2017. Send presentation report and articles to info@cpta.mn, batsuuri@cpta.mn
A team composed of professionals from taxation, finance and related discipline will review the work sent and qualified presentation reports and articles will be published in the “International Conference Report”
Registration for the conference: All participants are required to register with and inform conference organizers about its participation role in the conference.
  • If you are participating to present or publish article, please contact us by February 20, 2017.
  • If you are participating as an attendant, you must email the organizers with registration form filled on or before March 25, 2017.

Contact address and phone number:
  • Mongolian Association of Certified Tax Consultants
  • 5th floor, “Orshil Center” Building, Tokyo street,
  • 3th khoroo, Bayanzurkh District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • Tel/Fax: +976-76118989
  • O. Box 2262 Central Post Office Ulaanbaatar 211213
  • Website: www.cpta.mn
  • School of Business, National University of Mongolia
  • University Street 1, Baga toiruu-4,
  • Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • Phone: 77307730
  • Battuya, e-mail: dbattuya@yahoo.com
General requirements for the presentation and articles
  • For presentation report, it will need to be in both formats, power point slides to present and the text to be published in the report.
  • Power point slides should be summary of the report not exceeding 15 minutes when presented.
  • For articles to be published, it can be in text format only, 2000-3500 words in size.
  • Both presentation report and the articles will be in English.
  • Presentation report and the articles will have to be based on the theoretical studies and practical examination of BEPS subject relating to audit, finance, taxation, and other related disciplines.
  • We request general standard APA style form and formatting for the papers and articles.
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