Working committees

Consulting services management committee


Head of committee: Khishignemekh Regzedmaa

Email address: khishignemekh.regzedmaa@mn.ey.com       

Secretary: Hajidmaa.Ts khajidmaa@cpta.mn

Members: A.Battulga, S.Sainsanaa, T.Ganbagana, L.Gerelmaa, D.Otgonjargal, D.Altanzul, Ts.Ishbaljirmaa, B.Buzmaa, B.Anar

Our committee was established under the rules of the Mongolian Association of Certified Tax Consultants (hereinafter Association) and currently operates with 11 members.

The consulting services management committee (hereinafter CSMC)’s main objective is to provide support and assistance to management of implementation team for the Association’s rights and responsibilities set forth in the Law on Specialized Tax Consulting Services. We will have the following responsibilities support our members and non-members within below scope of responsibilities stated.

  • To implement and monitor the Third and the Fourth section of the Law on specialized tax consulting servicesto provide opportunities.
  • To ensure that the protection of legitimate interest of taxpayers are in place
  • To create an environment for implementation of a high quality specialized tax consulting services
  • To improve tax laws and reporting procedures

Along with:

  • To identify ways to develop and implement policies and models
  • To assist in the development and implementation of programs and guidelines
  • To establish, monitor and evaluate the specialized tax consulting services
  • To promote tax laws
  • To organize public events

CSMC will work according to approved plan of work by the president of our Association and will report results of our activities semi-annually to all of our members in transparent manner.

We promise our commitment to protect the interests of our members with the motto “Spreading tax knowledge to others.”


Ethics and Monitoring Management Committee


Head of the Committee: S. Bayarkhuu

Email Address: ...

Secretary: Ts. Tulga Members: B. Khishigdavaa, G. Chuluuntsetseg, M. Enkhsuren, O. Ganzorig, M. Mishigdorj, G. Gerelt-Od, and D. Bayartsetseg.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of our members, supporters, and organizations who work with our association.

Our committee is responsible for keeping records of members, introducing and adhering to the Code of Conducts, and receiving and resolving issues related to the ethics of TMZ companies within the framework of our activities.

Our committee hopes and encourages all of our certified public tax accountant members will actively get involved in activities organized, fulfillment of your duties and cooperate with us by giving feedback frequently.

Activities of the Ethics and Monitoring Management Committee The committee is responsible for keeping records of members, fees, their profiles, monitoring the implementation of the Code of Conduct, improving rules and regulations, reviewing and evaluating violations, to prepare proposals when making decisions, and to organize public events among members.


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