The Mongolian Association of Certified Tax Consultants (TMZ) was established on December 23, 2004 with the aim to set and promote the best tax practice standards available and act as a liaison body between tax payers and the government agencies. The Association is the only accreditation body authorized by Mongolian Law on Certified Tax Consultancy Service to administer the certified public tax accountants' (CPTA) examinations, provide CPTA's exam preparation courses, and conduct continuing CPTA professional training. The Association also conducts regular trainings and conferences for tax practitioners and its members on implementation of tax legislations, international tax, tax planning and tax policy issues.

As a liaison body between the government and the tax payers, the Association has responsibilities for cooperating with the Ministry of Finance and Tax administration on taxation issues such as improving tax legislations, providing methodological guidance, advising and informing certified tax consultants and accredited tax legal entities, and enhancing public awareness of tax legislations, conducting studies, researches, publishing manuals, books and brochures on taxation and finance related issues.

The TMZ joined the Asia Oceania Tax Consultants’ Association in 2002 as a member organization.

Internationally, TMZ has established effective cooperation through signing the Cooperation Agreement with several professional organizations such as the Korean Association of Certified Tax Accountants (KACPTA), the Japan Federation of Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Association (JFCPTA), the Chibaken Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Association of Japan and the Vietnam Tax Consultants’ Association (VTCA).

In 2009, Mr. Hirano Yushiaki and Mr. Okuda Takashi of the JFCPTA became the honorary members of the TMZ.


Address: 5th floor, “Orshil Center” Building, Tokyo street, 3th khoroo, Bayanzurkh District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Tel/Fax: +976-76118989
P.O.Box 2262 Central Post Office Ulaanbaatar 211213
E-mail: info@cpta.mn
Website: www.cpta.mn

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