Greetings from the President

Welcome to the Website of the Mongolian Association of Certified Tax Consultants.

The Mongolian Association of Certified Tax Consultants (MACTC or TMZ in Mongolian) was established in 2004. The Association is the only accreditation body for tax professionals authorized by the Law on Certified Tax Consulting Service to administer certified public tax accountants' (CPTA) examinations, provide CPTA's exam preparation courses and conduct continuing CPTA professional training. 

Since its founding, the Association has been dedicated to setting and promoting the best tax practice standards available in the industry and meeting the market needs for competent tax specialists equipped with advanced knowledge, practical skills and industry recognized credentials.  

As a professional organization, the Association acts as a liaison body between government agencies and taxpayers and organizes numerous dialogues and meetings on tax policy, implementation of tax laws for the members and tax practitioners cooperating with the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Taxation.

Looking forward to cooperating with you to develop highly recognized professional tax consultancy service in Mongolia.


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